How to build and maintain Drupal distributions as a SaaS Business


We at Open Social offer 3 flavours of our product:

  • Open Source Distribution on
  • SaaS Basic/Premium - version of the distro with a few additional features
  • SaaS Enterprise - version of distro with customisations (e.g. theme, additional features or adjustments)

These are just a few examples of Enterprise sites we have been building: Pachamama AllianceConnecting Business Initiative for United NationsGlobalDevHubSDG Philanthropy. All hosted on In April 2017 we launched our SaaS Basic version which allowed everyone to create an Open Social instance within just 10 minutes.

The solution we needed to find had some requirements:

  • Freedom of choice regarding hosting location (Europe/USA/Australia/etc)
  • It needs to work well for our developers without the need of extensive hosting knowledge

In this session you'll learn:

  • A bit about maintain multiple product variations (distro, saas, enterprise)
  • How we leveraged to build a scalable SaaS Business
  • How to maintain a Drupal (distro) SaaS collection of sites with with open-source tools
  • The challenges we faced or still facing
  • How to build your own SaaS infrastructure

This session is aimed at intermediate devops or developers interested in maintaining multiple Drupal sites as SaaS or if you are just interested in different ways to maintain and set-up your Drupal sites.

Experience Level