Marketing a Drupal SaaS product


In this business focused session Mieszko Czyzyk, co-CEO of GoalGorilla, explains how his company funds and markets Open Social, a Drupal 8 community distribution.

This talk is interesting for business owners, marketeers, product managers and anyone interested in the Drupal ecosystem in general.

We will discuss the following:

  • why as a company we chose to diversify from a model where we bill by the hour
  • funding a Drupal distribution
  • marketing a Drupal distribution, while selling the same code base as a SaaS
  • results from our funding experiment on Open Collective
  • a vision how Drupal is or isn't a good match for SaaS 
  • a vision if and how products support a path for sustainable agency growth, with reduced risk

The last 10 minutes are reserved for discussion.

Experience Level