How TypeScript saved my sanity

When I was trying to handle complex JavaScript project I have almost lost my mind. After switching from well defined PHP codebases I felt like I am missing tools to get things right in our team. Let me tell you a story of how I have stopped to worry and used TypeScript to save my sanity. And projects as well.

Designer’s checklist when dealing with Drupal


While developing Drupal site the design is an important part of the project, whether it is a complex administrative platform or a simple commerce piece. People love to use intuitive and aesthetically pleasing products. And it’s not just about beautiful pictures and smooth animations.

Keynote: "Biz v Devs" - A Story of Cross-Cultural Communication

Developer teams and business teams don't always understand each other. A lack of empathy can lead to poor communication, which makes it all worse. A culture of mistrust, blame, and lack of respect leads to slipped deadlines, product problems, and can "leak" into external communications. Someone once said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Cross-cultural movements like DevOps have solved these problems between other groups and helped build strong, productive organizations. Communication techniques and frameworks help bridge the gaps with empathy.